Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 3 - And Now We're Back Where We Started

Oops! While reading through the KAL thread on Ravelry I read a comment from kyliem123 that said, my lace is loose on the left and tight on the right, what do I do. Turns out I had the problem too. Fortunately there was a wonderful explanation of the problem and solution from AddieM here.

So I had to frog all my knitting, the cuff plus 10 1/2 leg repeats and start over. So by the end of 1/3 I was back to here.

It also dawned on me I hadn't explained fully what I'm doing. I'm doing the Medium version of the sock, casting on 70 stitches. I'm hoping with the stretchiness of lace that is going to prove to be the right size. The measurements in the pattern made me want to do Large, but then I only had one ball of yarn and it called for two, so I changed to Medium.

Also a word on solving the problem that caused this re-cast. Because of the way I'm doing the yarnovers, trying to create a larger rather than smaller hole, on Row 2 of the leg pattern, on Row three my pattern should read ktbl, p2, ktbl, k4, p2.

Hopefully I'll have time to regain some of my losses during tonight's piano lesson and the Sugar Bowl. Go Hogs!

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